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Nanjing Gu Nan Du Ming Ji Hotel located in Nanjing's commercial center, it is a business hotel near Xuanwu Lake and next to a local shopping area on Hunan Road.
This Nanjing hotel offers guestrooms with Internet access as well as all the standard amenities.
A business center is also available.

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住客评论 2540条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • candy_1989
    Location is one of the largest advantages of good and the room was spacious, quiet. Unfortunately, aging facilities, rooms carpet old, looks haven't changed, bathroom sink pipe leaking, toilet will always have a piece of wet rumbling.
  • ccgerl
    Location in Xuanwu Lake next to play is easy.
  • garnettfei
    Continuous stay for half a month-hotels in nice-old-
  • oracler
    Was not staying at the hotel for many years, though old enough, but the stay was very comfortable, good value for money.
  • bjlie
    Very nice hotel, just next to the Xuanwumen, morning walk by the Lake, clean, MOM and dad happy, have the opportunity to
  • eolgo
    Good location, near subway near Hotel out of Xuanwu Lake gate. the price is right, the hotel also has a restaurant for dinner, is recommended.
  • lijie1107
    From the Xuanwu Lake are very close, but the price is very low, price of 389, one hundred or two hundred facilities
  • xujia_yaya
    Is near from the Xuanwu Lake, location is very good. recommended, repeatedly moved in!
  • linyuan1112
    Wind water, sports
  • arielgu
    Also, the average business hotel
  • e03595386
    Big rooms, fully equipped, clean, nice!
    This won't help to wash the Cup.
  • lyiru
    Close to Xuanwu Lake, the hotel services, equipment is also good!
  • Blue Lion
    Which is very nice
  • e02575578
    Old hotels are generally expensive in Nice by Xuanwu Lake
  • comments
    Very good location, just beside the Xuanwu Lake, the traffic is very convenient, approximately 100 metres from the Metro, rooms were clean, but the staff attitude, not passion, nor use civilized language, needs to be improved!
  • carmencjw2009
    Good transport facilities
  • ly0805
    In General, fast and good.
  • taojin666
    Good location, the traffic is convenient, next will consider staying.
  • JS love tour
    Equipment is a bit old, the surrounding environment good
  • aone37
    Hotel location is good, away from Metro Line 1 line walk only needed 3 minutes around, bus also very convenient. If not special about words, health conditions also said of past, after all only more than 200 more block a late also cannot requirements too high. was scheduled has three a night, third days night back received Hotel notification--next day morning 5 points to Blackout (so hot of days, blackout so early, taste can imagine about!), with lobby waiter negotiations, waiter attitude good again discount 30 yuan, Decisive cannot agreed Ah! for province 30 yuan also cannot by blackout of taste! repeatedly requirements Xia, waiter contact has is located in xinjiekou of Grand are Begonia hotel (2,891 late, big Palace Metro station next, location good but no parking spaces!), check out for hotel, family turned to Begonia hotel--in a alley in, room than BenQ there to small, room in has taste, only live a late barely had of to. for this service points a praise! after all who also didn't want to blackout. Special pushRecommended; Grand Begonia Merlin, a hotel lobby, 20 meters away there is a Chinese restaurant, eating convenient, tasty, cheap and give you a reference.
  • marstears
    Nice old room facilities.
  • JimmyGe
    Hotels close to East Gate scenic area, the location is excellent, but tough, low floor, so a little noisy in the morning, health can be.
  • felicitylee
    Hotel is nice, in Xuanwu Lake next to larger rooms, health is good
  • betty4682
    Xuanwu Lake Park Gate is convenient subway near
  • weifang9988
    In front of the Xuanwu Lake, convenient. good location.
  • pippin
    Location was great, and Xuanwu Gate all the way across, or leisure can go go! hotels are clean, fresh air, quiet! it is worth mentioning that the traffic is very convenient, only a few minutes walk from a metro station, where no trouble!
  • vinccili
    Address is very good, room will see the Xuanwu Gate, only 200 meters from the Metro station, near the market, from the food court is also close, without transfer to the South railway station, bad.
  • jiangjiegc
    Great environment, good
  • rosewei
  • guigui0708
    The location was excellent, just beside the Xuanwu Gate, visit Xuanwu Lake is very convenient, near from the Metro, from the food court near Hunan road, but is a little old, to improve would be nice.
  • ArSam
    Location is very good, Xuanwu Gate, Line 1 subway Xuanwumen station 3rd exit after planning Museum to. Business Suite is great value-for-money.
  • e02254211
    All right
  • for-trues
    Pretty good
  • e05034918
    Well, on the edge of Xuanwu Lake, near Xuanwumen. Staff trained, hotel in quiet, early risers can also go running in the morning viewing to Xuanwu Lake Park.
  • ammyfang5168
    All right
  • E05355108
    Compared has long only select has this. but in Hou slightly disappointed. hotel facilities somewhat old, table what wipe have also is clean, but quilt cover can't compliment, quilt cover sleep of that head wrinkle wrinkle of, relative whole article quilt cover also is black Black of, somewhat worried didn't for. just cleaning aunt in side Shang finishing asked has she, she said for has of, quilt cover was is such of. I also on didn't words can said. This wants to playing front desk, wants to wants to forget, also is Wo has two evening. now wanted to regret at didn't mining figure.There are computers, useless, don't know how performance. outside is Xuanwu Lake, in the window you can see the city wall and East Gate, Nice ... near from the Metro, go out.
  • bjsjx
    Near Xuanwu Lake, nice rooms
    Hotel location is very good although some well worn but overall was good, the price is very affordable. Subway station down about six or seven minutes into the last day you can see the old city walls in our room and the Park to the Park by boat this morning a lot of people waiting in line for about 20 minutes to buy a ticket in the scenery on the Lake is very pleasant
  • Bonito
    Put uber to the presidential building in Xuanwu Lake next to xinjiekou 15 dollars or so of Metro's near the Hunan road has two or three stops food a lot
  • dijun
    In the Xuanwu Lake next to the Park, good location, very convenient!
  • ptimer
    Location very good, is the facility is a bit old
  • orange0571
    Hotels in Xuanwu Lake edge in the upper House of Parliament to free parking and convenient comfort
  • guodong0310
    Traffic convenience, as Xuanwu Lake.
  • Cacifer
    In Xuanwu Lake Park is close to the next room can be quite quiet that morning to hear noise in the downstairs dining room soundproofing was not good
  • brj83
    From the Xuanwu Lake close, go out, conveniently, to Xuanwu Lake
  • adtemper
    Near Xuanwu Lake, the perfect walking leisure, traffic is very convenient, Nice.
  • e02687229
    Overall OK
  • leixiangray
    Hotels in Xuanwu Lake Xuanwu Gate, you can take a walk to the Lake in the evening, look at the crowd and the Granny square dance evening exercises, listening to long frog singing voice in the city.
  • daniel_pdx
    Also good is near Xuanwu Lake environment very well good air